Major Highlights

  • NCBN

    86,69,000 DWCRA women given loans worth Rs. 51,745 Cr

  • NCBN

    16,985 Km of Cement Roads worth Rs. 4344 Cr. laid in Rural Areas

  • NCBN

    Farmer loans worth Rs. 24,500 Cr. waived

  • NCBN

    50 Lac NTR Bharosa pensions given to citizens

  • NCBN

    14,45,656 new white Ration Cards sanctioned in last 4 years

  • NCBN

    7.38 lac houses constructed under Urban Housing Scheme 

1500 days of AP Governance

GoAP is committed to improving liveability in the ULBs and increasing happiness index of the people living there.

Towards this endeavour, in the last 4 years, Rs.1,02,726 Cr. worth developmental projects are either taken up committed:

  • Rs. 4,172 Cr worth projects completed,
  • Rs. 57,160 Cr worth projects ongoing
  • Rs. 4,072 Cr worth projects committed
  • Rs. 37,323 Cr worth projects proposed and to be completed in 2 years.

These projects are taken up for development of infrastructure in basic sectors like water supply, sewerage & septage, storm water drainage, roads sector SWM, green space development urban housing LED Street lighting.

Comprehensive planned approach is followed duly converqing funds from various schemes of Gol, GoAP, ULB and others with an objective of attaining service level benchmarks in each of the basic sectors

Details of major projects in last 4 years

Housing Sector
Water Supply Sector
Roads Network
Drainage Network
Sanitation Sector
Solid Waste Management
Scientific Disposal Of Solid Waste
Urban Greenery
Parks & Open Gym Equipments
Development of Burial Grounds
Street Signages
City Initiatives
GIS Mapping