8,603 sq. kmCapital Region Area
16.94 sq. kmSeed Capital area
217 sq. kmCapital City Area

Amaravati is envisaged to be developed as smart, green and sustainable city. In the line of being developed as the People’s Capital of Andhra Pradesh, the city aspires to create a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and modern city which will be a symbol of pride for the people of Andhra Pradesh and India. Under the visionary leadership of Nara Chandrababu Naidu and the strategies of prestigious partners, Amaravati, the people’s capital is all set to become a well-planned smart capital city.

The Seed Capital Area is planned for about 3 lakh residents. Being developed as a vibrant business hub, a total of about 7 lakh jobs are expected to be created in various sectors including government jobs. To create a thriving State of the art Central Business District (CBD) for business and living, the government of Andhra Pradesh also provides nodes and development corridors from transit oriented development approach. Various zones would comprise of central business district, residential townships, institutions, parks and gardens, water bodies, recreational spaces, water front etc.

The city being planned on sustainable development principles, extensive large open green spaces have been planned that shall add value to the urban ecosystem. Special emphasis has been laid to enhance development of extensive walkways and pedestrianisation interlinked with open and green spaces with a blue and green network of more than 25 km to promote walk-to-work environment and non-motorised transport. The Seed capital conserves more than 40% of the green areas and the blue areas in the seed capital sprawl over 50% of the Seed Capital.