56.69%Overall Progress
43.38%Head Works’ Progress
76.30%Excavation Works’ Progress
93%Jet Grouting Works’ Progress

Polavaram is a multi-purpose irrigation project which is under construction and located on river Godavari near Ramayyapet village of Polavaram Mandal of West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The project has been on cards for almost 75 years. This project is a dream for the 5 crore people of Andhra Pradesh. The project will be a one-stop solution for all the water needs of the state.

The project reservoir has live storage 75.2 TMCs at canal’s full supply level of 41.15 metres (135 ft) MSL and gross storage of 194 TMCs thereby enabling irrigation of 23,20,000 acres (including stabilisation of existing irrigated lands).

Polavaram project dam being built on River Godavari can help divert and utilise Godavari water to Krishna and other rivers. If executed well, this project can make the state drought-free forever.

Government of Andhra Pradesh is very keen to finish this mammoth project by 2019 at any cost. The progress of the project is being monitored at the highest levels of Government on weekly basis.