Live Bulletin - Collectors' Conference - Oct 25
Live Bulletin - Collectors' Conference - Oct 25

Live Bulletin - Collectors' Conference - Oct 25

కలెక్టర్ల కాన్ఫరెన్స్

Thursday, Oct 25, 2018

10:40 AM ->  Introductory address by Dr Manmohan Singh, IAS, CCLA (FAC)

  • Welcomed the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Ministers, Special Chief Secretaries, Secretaries, HODs, Collectors to the two day District Collectors' Conference

10:45 AM -> Sri Anil Chandra Punetha, IAS, CS to Government

  • Addressed the meet congratulating Hon'ble Chief Minister for bagging Policy Leadership Award of the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) in the agriculture sector
  • The national awards committee selected Hon'ble Chief Minister for the Policy Leadership Award of the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) as a recognition of his vision which has had a huge positive impact on the farmers

  • He stated that all the officials are involved in rebuilding the State as the cyclone Titli has tested their readiness
  • He said that with proper leadership and use of technology they were able to reduce the human loss
  • “We strictly followed the disaster management protocol on Chief Miniter's instructions. CM has spent sleepless nights guiding the entire administration,” he added
  • He said that AP has continued its double-digit growth rate by achieving 11.2% growth in the first quarter of the year and also has achieved ODF status a few months back
  • He also said that programs like providing social security through insurance scheme Chandranna Bima, providing safe drinking water, generating energy out of waste showed a positive impact
  • “We are planning for saturation by March 2018 by meeting all the targets of laying CC roads, construction of soak pits, providing safe drinking water, improving the quality of education in schools, prioritising the mother and child health, reducing malnutrition in children below 5 yrs age”, added Mr Anil Chandra
  • The government is already enhancing micro-irrigation and will continue to prioritise horticulture crops.
    Efforts are being made to further extend support to the marginalised groups of the society, protect the women, children

11.05 AM → Introductory Remarks by Sri K.E. Krishna Murty, Deputy Chief Minister (Revenue)

  • After Hudhud cyclone, Visakhapatnam has been restored totally under the guidance and leadership of Hon'ble Chief Minister
  • Now, Cyclone Titli has hit the northern regions of AP, the Hon'ble CM has made sure that the entire administration worked together for disaster management. Hon'ble CM himself monitored every stage of the relief works from ground zero
  • Even global platforms are recognising the Hon'ble CM's efforts with awards like Global agriculture leadership award
  • Anna canteens have truly served the people by providing affordable and nutritious food to all the citizens

11.20 AM → Address by Sri. Yanamala Rama Krishunudu, Minister for Finance, Planning, Commercial Taxes & Legislative Affairs

  • We are performing very well in most sectors when compared to national and international standards
  • By bringing in new technologies and effective practices and adopting policies that concentrate on citizen welfare, we are revitalising and are continuously assessing our performances
  • We aim to achieve 15% growth rate sustain it. The main sectors like agriculture, industry & service must be focussed upon and sub-sectors must also be improved
  • We need to improve MSMEs culture as this sector not only contributes to the GSDP but also help jobs creation
  • The employment generation rate in our State is really high compared to others
  • Tourism plays a key role in job creation and contributing to the economy
  • The population has to be converted into human capital, where individual economy plays a key role and will add to the country's economy

A minute of silence observed for the people who lost their lives due to Cyclone Titli

11.30 AM → Keynote Address by Hon'ble Chief Minister :

  • The need to have this Collectors' Conference every 3 months is to establish systems and assess our performance as a team
  • From senior secretaries to the last mile functionaries, we have worked together as a team without a break in Cyclone Titli relief operation. I appreciate everyone's efforts for this
  • We have taken all the measures to fight kidney diseases and have given medicines for free, free dialysis in Srikakulam district but then the calamity struck and the need for medical facility increased
  • 5 teleconferences were conducted on the night cyclone has struck and action plans were made. 8 to 10 people were reported missing by that time and we started working towards reducing the human loss further
  • The whole administration as a team worked in rebuilding the towns and villages for the next 11 to 12 days and within 20 days most of the restoration work will be done
  • On one hand we have floods and cyclone and on the other hand, there is drought-situation and lack of sufficient rainfall
  • To increase the groundwater levels we have taken up the program of constructing 1 million farm ponds and linking Godavari-Krishna rivers. Neeru Pragati teleconference is been held every Monday to review the progress in on-going projects
  • 60 Lac people have been provided employment, we have almost doubled the per capita income
  • Sophia, the humanoid robot was presented in the Vizag Fintech Festival 2018. Even if humans make mistake, robots work with efficiency correcting us
  • The government of Andhra Pradesh will support the citizens in all the stages from birth to death. With our lifecycle approach, from the women will get support from pregnancy stage itself provided with nutrition and necessary health care
  • We must adopt a holistic approach with a futuristic vision. we are also adopting team and convergence approach to serve the citizen in the best possible way
  • For transforming the rural Andhra through MNREGA, the government of AP prioritised convergence and sustainable improvement. From cement roads to the underground drainage system, village infrastructure has been developed
  • Farmer empowerment strategies have been adapted and there is a need to shift from agriculture to horticulture for sustainable growth as the risks of crop failure is less. Conversion of 2 Cr acres of land is our target
  • When it comes to dairy, aquaculture and livestock they have opportunities to improve
  • Zero Budget Natural Farming has shown tremendous results. The efforts of farmers in bringing transformation by adopting scientific approaches have been recognised by UN. This will be revolutionary, because of ZBNF we can revive the environment and build a good society
  • We aim at becoming a corruption-free State with transparency in each and every department. We strive to be among the top 5 least corrupt states in the world
  • By improving the factors like air quality, water and food quality along with power we are aiming at building the most livable cities
  • No one else in the world is focussing on quality life with happiness. We have come from 77th place to 44th place in happiness index because of our conscious efforts
  • We are constantly working towards improving public satisfaction levels. In ration shops, we have all the data on the real time to act quickly and improve satisfaction levels
  • Chandranna Bima is a flagship program which is being implemented for the first time in the country, giving confidence to 2.50 Cr families. We are also providing counselling in terms of family planning, children's education etc
  • 25-35 is a crucial age and is the youth are the biggest asset of our State. We are conducting various skill development and training programs to improve their opportunities in national and international platforms
  • Through Anna canteens, quality food is being served at low prices and good hygienic standards
  • Under urban housing, construction of 9.25 Lac new houses has been undertaken
  • 100 units free power is being provided to the SC/STs. The public should be educated about the efforts put in by the government. What we are doing today will be the future's history. Cultural programs must create awareness for even the last mile functionaries
  • We aim to provide safe and quality drinking water to every house within the next 1 to 2 years
  • Innovation is a continues process. Our goal is to create wealth, improve quality of services, health
    We are going to frame an academic vision for 2019-2024 years based on the reviews of previous results
    4 new ports are being built and necessary support infrastructure is also been constructed
  • 5.25 Lac fiber net connections have been given. We are also sone with urban landscaping and cold chain storage
  • Real-Time Governance is making 360-degree review possible. 78% is the overall public satisfaction with government schemes
  • By January 2019, the first electric car will be out from Kia's unit in Anantapur district, which is one of the most backward districts

12:35 PM → Presentation by Sri. A. Babu, CEO, RTG on People's Satisfaction with top 10 welfare programs

  • Progress in terms of the feedback received by RTG based on the feedback from beneficiaries is being discussed
  • 22.45 Cr calls have been made since last Collectors' Conference. Over a period of time, the effective call rate is increasing and the efforts from government end are making people respond
  • There has been a good improvement in satisfaction with Chandranna Bima scheme
  • Regarding the ration shops, deliberate attempts are being made by the district administration in pulling up the shops that are not performing well as this is a major scheme which touches the entire population every month
  • Chandranna Pelli Kanuka showed 96.92%of satisfaction in October
  • 83.7% is the public satisfaction with Anna Canteens
  • During the Titli time, the midday meal which was implemented to provide food to the victims showed the satisfaction of 94% at times
  • Guntur district leads in satisfaction level with NTR Bharosa and Chittoor leads with 99% with Chandranna Pelli Kanuka
  • Krishna district is leading in Mukhyamatri Yuvanestham scheme with 79.51% satisfaction
  • 1.74 Lac additional beneficiaries will benefit from Mukhyamatri Yuvanestham scheme from Nov 1st
  • Mukhyamantri Yavanestham satisfaction survey showed satisfaction of 80.35%
  • The number of fair price shops with satisfaction more than 90% increased to 6,699
  • 2,85,742 new ration cards have been generated this month

1:28 PM → Economic Achievement 2017-18

  • The growth in different sectors and sub-sectors is being discussed in comparison to the Government of India
  • Increase in growth from 3.55% to 17.76% is seen in the agricultural sector
  • Growth in the industries sector has been consistent
  • With continuous growth, we have achieved an increase in GSDP of 11.22%
  • Livestock has been improving giving a number of success stories
  • Chief Minister's Remarks:
    Create awareness amongst citizens, train the youth with various skill development programs

4.05 PM → Presentation by Dr.K. S. Jawahar Reddy about Village 10 Star Rating & Ward 9 Star Rating for Gross root level transformation:

1. Solid Waste Management (including door to door collection, uberisation of dung, composting and waste to energy)

  • We have taken up rural transformation through 10-star rating to villages considering 10 parameters covering different aspects out of which some are non-negotiable
  • Infrastructure in villages is being improved with various programs under Swachh Bharat mission. Construction of toilets construction is also taken up on large scale. We have taken the measures for achieving ODF+
  • The heaps piled up over a period of time were identified and measures were taken to clean them up. Out of 10,000 piles identified, 7,700 were cleaned out of which 2,600 tonnes of vermicompost is produced. Most of the solid waste management sheds will complete their construction by December. By Sankranti next year, we will complete the construction of remaining sheds.

2. LED bulbs:

  • We have set a target of installing 27 Lac LED bulbs. 7.6 Lac bulbs were already installed till date and balance will be done by December this year
  • East Godavari was the first district to achieve 100% installation and other districts are also expected to achieve the target soon

3. Liquid Waste Management:

  • In the villages, we have taken up the construction of soak pits in Gram Panchayats. In 12 panchayats underground drainage is taken up

4. Roads (Connectivity and CC Roads)

  • 47,000 habitations have been targeted and an action plan is prepared to meet the deadline to build the remaining roads
  • Districts with less than 100 habitations with unconnected roads can have all the roads laid by the end of this year. Collectors can take it up to achieve 100% implementation

5. Drinking water

  • NTR Sujala Sravanti has been taken up in 103 identified clusters
  • AP water grid is giving the tap water connection to each and every household
  • 16,000 Cr investment is being made and all partially covered habitations will be fully covered

6. Toilets

  • The Government of India has sanctioned additional 2.25 Lac IHHLS and is conducting the National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey as a part of which the team will come on a surprise visit
  • ODF status and action plan for ODF+ status is being discussed
  • Each panchayat must comply with parameters to get marks which decide their star rating

7. Education:

  • Indicators on which marks are given are being discussed: the percentage of drop out students, availability of toilets and drinking water in all the schools and so on

5.28 PM → Seasonal Conditions, Drought Resilience, Water Management, MGNREGA and other priorities under the primary sector

  • There has been severe damage in horticulture, power sector, roads and buildings due to the cyclone Titli
  • Relief package for 2.25 Lac families was covered which is a population of 14.5 Lac people. Essential commodities like rice, potatoes and onion were also distributed
  • Special teams were deployed and the administration at all the levels was involved in the disaster management work
  • Drought in Kharif 2018-19: Cumulative rainfall deviation is -17.9% against normal 556 mm of rainfall whereas 456.6 mm is the rainfall usually received
  • 296 mandals are declared as drought-affected in the State. 6 districts and 17 mandals in Anantapur are declared drought-affected for the final season. Final proposals for Kharif season are received from 4 districts for drought declaration in 29 mandals
  • Memorandum (early Kharif season) for Rs. 658.57 Cr of central assistance was submitted as per the norms of Government of India for drought relief
  • We have shown a significant progress in e-Panta this year. Kharif season started a little late and all the data was collected manually
  • As a part of ZBNF practices, pesticides consumption has reduced and farmers savings has increased significantly
  • Crop wise area sown for both Rabi and Kharif seasons is discussed
  • ZEBA is useful for horticulture crops. The cotton crop is most vulnerable to pink bollworm and fall armyworm in summer. Necessary measures have been taken by the government


  • AP's ZBNF is the largest agro-ecology program in the world in terms of number of farmers
  • The vision and commitment of the government of Andhra Pradesh is to universalise ZBNF and to make AP a 100% Natural State by 2024

  • CM unveiled the logo of Science City of Andhra Pradesh

End of days proceedings
Collectors' Conference will resume tomorrow at 9 AM
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