Live Bulletin - Collectors' Conference - Oct 26
Live Bulletin - Collectors' Conference - Oct 26

Live Bulletin - Collectors' Conference - Oct 26

కలెక్టర్ల కాన్ఫరెన్స్

Friday, Oct 26, 2018

9.20 AM → CM's Remarks on the current law and order situation

  • Premier institutions and agencies in the country are losing their integrity which is not good for the country
  • It is up to us to make sure that there is peace and harmony in the State, we must handle all the situations wisely
  • As a leader, I'm assuring you that no matter how bad the situation gets, we will restore law and order and we will work as a team to protect the people
  • We have faced so many difficulties which gave us the confidence that we can face any such crisis
  • Let's not deviate from our targets and work with determination and honesty
  • We want AP to be a model for the world, achieve a 15% growth rate and create most livable standards

11:05 AM → Surveillance & Drones:

  • CCTV cameras have been installed across the State, this makes it easy to identify and trace dangerous or criminal activities, this will help the police in taking quick action
  • Through drones, the land used for ganja cultivation can be identified
  • Through RTG, we have proper gathered data which can be used as information
  • Further duplicate number plates should be identified and illegal vehicles should be seized : CM

12:22 PM → Bhu Seva

  • With a vision is to be the single source of truth for information on land and property, identified uniquely by Bhudhaar and to provide integrated land services to citizens
  • Key features
    • Single Source of Truth
    • Maintain records for agricultural, urban and rural lands
    • Integration of textual and spatial data
    • Allocation of unique id i.e Bhudhaar
    • Providing e-Budhaar and m-Bhudhaar to owners/assesses
    • Streamlining all the land-related transactions through eKYB (Know Your Bhudhaar)
    • Providing integrated services of 8 departments
  • Integrated services of Bhu Seva:
    • Conversion of non-agricultural lands
    • Protection of public properties
    • Streamlining of market values
    • Information of approved layouts
    • Management of forest and RoFR lands: 5 Lac acres of RoFR lands which is useful to tribals
  • The pilot launched in April 2018 and the launch of state rollout planned on November 1
  • RFP issued for geotagging in Krishna district
  • Overview of CORS (Continuous Operating Reference Station) a satellite-based technology
    • CORS is a network of reference stations
    • CORS gives accurate Lat-Long of survey points
    • CORS enhances the accuracy of Rovers
    • Krishna district collector has initiated the adaption of technology very well
    • The government of India appreciated the Bhudhaar program. We are seeking financial assistance from them
    • Land records are available to citizens on mobile phone through e-Bhudhaar and m-Bhudhaar mobile applications available online

1.39 PM → e-Pragati

  • Status update and action plan is being discussed
  • Out of 623 services, 265 services are in progress and 61 are being delivered
  • NIC to share APIs for all the projects based on the input and output parameters requested e-Pragati
  • College education- integrated services
    • Automation has been done in admission procedures
    • Application, caste, income, 10th marks list: everything has been integrated
  • 100 use cases have been prepared, 55 have also been signed off and access will be given to collectors for analysis
  • Everyone must be proactive and not reactive
  • Advantages to the departments of coming onto the e-Pragati platform
    • Vendor management
    • Technology readiness
    • Citizen experiences
    • Operational support


  • Out of Rs. 25 Cr, wage expenditure is of Rs. 5,000 Cr, administrative cost is Rs. 4,000 Cr
  • District-wise performance is being discussed
  • Secretaries and HODs are requested to work efficiently and show better results
  • The plan of action up to March is being discussed
  • 20,000-30,000 farm ponds can be made in watershed areas
  • We must focus on the construction of playfields in Anganwadis, along with the compound walls
  • We have appointed dedicated social audit personnel. So far we have recovered Rs. 133 Cr
  • In watershed villages, there is a huge scope for development
  • Greening of hillocks is being done under NREGS. Last year we have achieved good results because of sufficient rainfall, but this year we are facing difficulty

3:30 PM → Water Resources

  • Cascade development, desilting of tanks, farm ponds, transfer of water to deficient areas by Pattiseema and HNSS have been taken up
  • Conjunctive use of groundwater for crops has also been taken up
  • The inflow of water through various water projects is being discussed

4:05 PM → Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

  • 20% growth is our target in animal husbandry. We have planned a revived strategy for achieving this target
  • We need to monitor production and quality simultaneously
  • A target of 250 Cr material component has been set
  • We need to concentrate on 14 animal husbandry schemes and set new targets along with the milk production
  • Induction of animals is an important issue. Every year we are inducting about 20,000 animals
  • All the constituencies will have mobile clinics in convergence with e-Pragati
  • In the last two quarters, the growth rate has been 19.89%. Aqua zonation has been completed in 4 districts, the rest will also be done which will bring sustainable growth
  • Hon'ble CM's Remarks:
    • Livestock is one sector where we have a lot of opportunities, with a scope for growth
    • Village fodder survey was done. If the yield is increased, we will achieve 25% growth
    • District-wise silage distribution is being discussed along with silage production plan for the year 2018-19
    • Gokulams, Mini Gokulams and animal fodder need to be focussed upon as they are major contributors to the overall growth

CM unveiled the compendium on ornamental fishes published by Fisheries department. This will guide beginners in ornamental fish trade

4:35 PM → Forest:

  • We stood 2nd in the country for the mangrove cover
  • The major program taken up under greenery development called Vanam Manam has involved all the government departments. 25.11 Cr seedlings have been planted. The seedling utilization is 73%.
  • Flagship programs of Forest department are being discussed
  • Under Prakruthi Pilustondi, 4,586 events have been organised and 61,00,000 have participated so far

4:51 AM → Polycom Demo

  • Multiple points can have two-way communication through Polycom teleconference, this can connect lakhs of lines at the same time
  • It is controlled from RTG state center, this can be operated without a camera with high clarity
  • Multiple Lac of users can be connected through cellphone or laptop, for both outgoing and incoming calls

5:00 PM → Funds drawn from centre

  • Rs. 11,010 Cr of funds has been drawn this year i.e 6.36% has been drawn from the overall release this year
  • There are a total of 84 centre aided schemes. There is a potential to draw additional Rs. 9,186 Cr
  • 54 schemes with annual allocation of more than Rs. 250 Cr which makes Andhra Pradesh the top State
  • List of top 10 schemes with maximum potential to draw funds in 2018-19 is being discussed
  • The tender has been finalised AP Fibernet. Once the second tender is finalised money can be drawn
  • In 60:40 ratio, the UG and PG seats were sanctioned, the potential amount to be drawn is Rs. 180 Cr

5:30 PM Health department:

  • A number of schemes have been started with 19 PPP models and others are directly being implemented by the departments
  • District wise analysis has been done to identify the main focus areas
  • There has been an increase in per capita out of pocket expenditure on health care
  • We need to achieve the SDG goals. Priority is the IMR and MMR rates, institutional deliveries and 4 ANC checkups statistics are being discussed
  • Early identification of high-risk mother and infant cases can be done by regular ANC checkups which will help in reduction of MMR
  • Palakarimpu program where stickers are given to houses with toddlers which gives the information about the immunisation
  • Every single maternal death is being audited and the information is being given to the higher authorities
  • Partnership with IQVIA to improve maternal and infant care
  • 40 sub-centres are converted to e-Sub Centres in Paderu and other tribal areas
  • TB reduction programs have been introduced
  • ANM Digi: 41 registers were being managed, now tenders have been finalised, the data that will come through this can be integrated with other departments
  • Multi Speciality ICUs are going to come to many cities like Rajahmundry, Nandyal, Hindupur in order to reduce MMR
  • Mukhyamantri e-EYE Kendramulu are with highest on public satisfaction with 96%

6.10 PM →  IT & Electronics

  • Electronics promotions summary
    • 17,947 Cr of committed investments, 1,08,830 jobs committed and nearly 20,000 jobs realized
    • EMC Policy released to encourage setting up of electronics parks
    • 16 training partners are identified which would train the youth
    • MeeSeva (CSC 2.0 Rollout) current status is being discussed district-wise
  •  HCM's Remarks
    • Maintain a dashboard which shows the number of training centers and skill development programs in all the districts

6:19 PM → Tourism

  • Tourism mission launch tournament targets are being discussed
  • Centre-funded CFA Projects current status is being discussed
  • In 12 villages we have started taking up village tourism activities. A village having importance in some aspect must be selected so that people can visit
  • Srikalahasti has received a very good response. The average stay is 2-3 days and we are tying up with international tour operators
  • Butterfly park and mountain climbing are also being promoted
  • Adventure sports can be encouraged in convergence with the forest department
  • 18 events and festivals are being organised in the coming by the tourism department all over the State
  • Various activities are being taken up to promote Andhra cuisine. Cuisine Calender for the year 2018-19 has been developed

6.54 PM → Infrastructure

  • Growth in the industries sector increased to 13 %
  • Collectors of Ongole, Nellore, Kadapa, Anantapur and Kurnool to review loss reduction measures
  • Solar parks in Kadapa, Anantapur and Kurnool and 160 mw Solar Hybrid Park Anantapur
  • Energy efficiency: Collectors to review installation of LED in all major Gram Panchayats and government offices
  • Agreement with ESL that will supply 4,000 vehicles in the next 4 months. The installation of EV charging stations has already started at corporate offices of APEPDCL, Visakhapatnam. Request to the collectors to identify the places for the charging stations
  • Learnings from Tilti
    • Surplus theory in crisis management-material, machinery, labour etc
    • Ensure implementation of instructions issued at field level
    • Use of IT at ground level-GPS was very effective, RTG's support was excellent
    • The public satisfaction level is at 66%
    • Training was given to personnel for disaster management
  • Fibernet:
    • Out of 12,918 total GPs, connections have been given in 4,178 GPs
    • District-wise connectivity status is being discussed
    • BharatNet Project: Establishing connectivity from Mandals to GPs and providing 10 Mbps bandwidth at GP offices
    • The overall project is in two REPs: Out of 12,907 total GPS, 1,653 GPs are connected by PGCIL in phase-1 and 11,254 GPs under USOF/DOT are sanctioned to APSFL in phase 2
  •  2,333 schools have virtual classrooms installed in Andhra Pradesh
  • The current status of associated projects is being discussed:
    • Public WiFi
    • Kakinada smart city
    • Giri Net
    • Drones for Governance (AP Drones Corporation)
  • AP Content Corporation and APTL current status is being discussed
  • Support required from district administration is being discussed for:
    • AP Fiber
    • BharatNet Project
    • AP Drones Corporation
    • AP Towers Limited
    • AP Content Corporation
  • Civil aviation
    • We have achieved 40% growth this year
    • We have 4 functional airports
    • New airport projects under progress
      • Rajahmundry (East Godavari)
      • Vijayawada (Krishna)
      • Tirupati (Chittoor)
      • Kadapa
      • Bhogapuram (Vizianagaram)
      • Nellore (at Dagadarthi)
      • Kurnool (at Oorvakallu)
      • Kuppam (Chittoor)
      • Nagarjuna Sagar &Puttaparthi
    • Development of helipads in Divisional and Mandal Headquarters
    • From Rajahmundry, the flow to Hyderabad has tripled. There are 12 landings per day there with high demand for flights to Tirupati
  • Ports, Logistics Parks and Inland Waterways are being discussed
  • Jakkampudi Economic Township (JET) City and Private Economic Cities are being discussed

7.40 PM → CRDA

  • Amaravati capital city status update is being discussed
  • We are building the tallest secretariat building in the world of 212 m height
  • It will be one of the most iconic buildings in the world
  • For the first time in the world, we are using diagrid structure
  • National Highways status of works is also being discussed

8:37 PM → Industry Sector

  • Industries mission: Its key objectives and performances are being discussed
  • We have segregated the mission into manufacturing, electricity, gas and water
  • MSME dashboard shows the employment status of different companies
  • Expedition land acquisition and hand over in Industrial Corridor is being discussed
  • Summary of EOIs and MoUs signed in 2016, 2017 and 2018 is given
  • 67 projects added to the green category from red category since the last District Collectors' Conference
  • The progress of food parks, additional processing capacity of different products are presented
  • Operation Greens-Tomato values chain
    • Rs. 50 Cr project
    • Enhancing realisation value for farmers
    • Stabilising price and check gluts
    • Implementation partners
      • AP Food Processing Society
      • Horticulture Department
    • Support to Tiitli Farmers
      • 5 Lac nuts from foreign coconut trees being procured by Vizianagara Foods and Nutraceuticals

9:05 PM → Revenue

  • Revenue trends: Growth rate is compared between 2017-18 and 2018-19
  • Revenue improvement measures:
    • Dealer base
    • e-Way bills
    • Mobile transport vehicle checks
    • Inspections
  •  District-wise status of the belt shops control

Concluding Statements by HCM :

  • From now we will have Collectors' Conference on 28th of every month
  • All the targets must be achieved
  • We want to make Andhra Pradesh as the city with most liveable standards
9:20 PM Vote of thanks
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