Collectors' Conference 29th December: Live Bulletin
Collectors' Conference 29th December: Live Bulletin

Collectors' Conference 29th December: Live Bulletin

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Saturday, Dec 29, 2018
Collectors' Conference 29th December: Live Bulletin

Meeting started → 10:25 AM

10:25 AM → Welcome address by Sri Anil Chandra Punetha, IAS, Chief Secretary to Andhra Pradesh

  • White papers are being released about all the activities the government has taken up
  • These white papers will be discussed in Janmabhoomi Ma Vooru
  • The performance of some schemes in certain pockets raises concern, we need to use this platform to achieve more than 90% public satisfaction in all the endeavours
  • I wish the conference a huge success

10:35 AM → Keynote address by Sri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Hon'ble Chief Minister

  • This is the 19th collectors' conference being held
  • These are the brainstorming sessions for us to focus on areas that need attention and find solutions that'll bring results
  • The state government has received an impressive number of awards on national and international levels
  • We are building a new capital. The construction of government administrative offices has already started
  • We've reached an advanced stage in the construction of Polavaram project, AP's lifeline irrigation project is almost a reality now
  • We are transforming Rayalaseema, a region with a serious lack of rainfall, into a horticulture hub. Farmers from Rayalaseema region have achieved the highest per capita income
  • In aquaculture Krishna, West Godavari, Nellore and Prakasam districts have done exceptionally well
  • AP has the highest agricultural growth rate despite being rainfall deficient, per capita income has also increased
  • We have achieved ODF status, now we will achieve ODF+
  • We are the third lowest State in corruption, this is all because of our vision
  • We are releasing 10 white papers which will be presented to the public in Janmabhoomi Ma Vooru
  • We are promoting uberization, bringing the best service and knowledge providers from all over the world
  • We are associating with best market players for manufacturing, storage and cold change link
  • We are doing cost-effective marketing and logistics, we have human and natural resources, we are providing equipment, we are borrowing knowledge and sharing innovative ideas nationally and internationally
  • Real-time monitoring and quality testing can be done for 100% traceability, there is a serious need for traceability of aqua products
  • In horticulture we are growing at 15.93%, our aim is to achieve 25% growth
  • Mining is doing well, manufacturing double-digit growth
  • We need to concentrate on the service sector, there is huge scope for growth. This is an important sector which requires the least investment and generates maximum employment,
  • We need to increase the number of rooms available, 1 Lac rooms is the target under tourism
  • 352 Anna Canteens will start functioning by Feb.
  • We will provide 100% housing by 2021
  • We will sanction all the houses during Janmabhoomi Ma Vooru.
  • We must focus on all aspects of development simultaneously, through mega grounding mela we are providing equipments to workers and artisans, we are delivering them to their doorsteps, this is the responsibility of all the collectors to ensure 100% public satisfaction under this
  • Under health also we will ensure world-class healthcare facilities to citizens, we are also monitoring the services by private healthcare service providers, by giving incentives we want to make sure everyone is motivated to carry out their work sincerely
  • Road connectivity in rural areas will be provided, with fibernet connectivity in every corner village infrastructure will be completed
  • Seamless land management through bhudhar, settlement and redressal of issues is being done
  • Under solid waste management, we are converting waste into fertilizers, we need to work out the logistics
  • By next month we should systematically meet all the set targets, the remaining issues will be discussed again in the next Collector Conference

11:15 PM → Welfare programs:


  • Action taken after last Collector Conference: 80.4% public satisfaction achieved in the month of December, most of the districts have shown stable growth, some have seen a drop, we have identified the reasons behind dissatisfaction in the last 2 months: improper weighing, not issuing receipts, improper behaviour of the dealer, are some of the reasons
  • All the dissatisfaction survey reports for last mile functionaries are available with us, the collectors are requested to take action
  • New ration cards processing through RTGS is being done
  • 21,565 applications have been received for proper verification, 14,00 approved, 4,000 rejected
  • Srikakulam has the highest number of pending verifications
  • 13% improvement in ragi distribution, 10% in jowar, an impressive improvement in Vizag, we will concentrate on other districts, demand increased in the north coastal region
  • Chandranna Christmas Kanuka distribution is ongoing
  • CM's remarks:
    • Based on reports from the health department, we must spread awareness and change people's food habits, every month health bulletin is released, through food supply and agriculture you must focus on the needs
    • Collectors and officers must also adopt healthy eating habits, the issues caused by private service providers should be sorted out reasonably
    • We have the data at the last mile functionaries level, nobody can get away with poor performance, 100% public satisfaction must be achieved

NTR Bharosa Pension

  • Number of pending applications is being discussed
  • Applications of Dappu artists and cobblers are being verified, new pensions will be distributed as per government's directions

  • CM's remarks:
    • Prepare guidelines for distribution, take factors like poverty, physical disability in considerations
    • We must adopt the best administration practices
    • RTG and planning department should sit together and organise for stickers and wall-writings for village level achievements
    • Make a record of every family and send it to village committee, only then it can foolproof

Chandranna Bima

  • In 2018-19, out of 56,783 claims uploaded, 49,596 are settled and Rs 750 crore claim benefit disbursed so far
  • Cumulatively (4 years), out of 2.12 lakh claims uploaded, 1.98 lakh claims (93%) settled and paid Rs 2,409 crore claim benefit to bereaved families
  • 87% claims for both natural and accidental have been settled overall this year

Pelli Kanuka

  • 41,151 registrations have been made so far
  • An additional budget of Rs. 182 Cr is required this year
  • 82.4% marriage certificates have been issued
  • Collectors are requested to ensure the facilitation of Mandal Samakhya Accountants and monitor marriage certificates issuance

Mukhyamatri Yuvanestham

  • 4,71,000 registrations received in November
  • Rs. 80,77,45,000 has been credited so far
  • Second batch enrolment of trainees has begun
  • Coverage of 4.00 lakhs beneficiaries estimated by the end of December
  • Employability Skills Enhancement Module (ESEM):
    • A.P. Skill Development Corporation started the Employability Skills Enhancement Module (ESEM) in the identified 406 Centres with training partners and the 1st batch was started on 10th December 2018 and concluded on 23rd December 2018
    • Under this module, the beneficiary may choose a centre nearer to him/her by log into the portal. Batch and time also can be chosen while giving the option
    • Each batch will consist of 60 beneficiaries per batch and it is estimated to cover 1.50 lakh per month under the module
    • The module consists of 40 hours for two weeks duration and so far 55,616 beneficiaries registered their names
    • 10th to 23rd December the first training sessions were started in 406 centres across the 13 districts, its a 40-hour industry level module, the methodology followed is an activity-based approach
      excessive use of IVRS and bulk messaging facility under RTG was used for suitability, feasibility and supply gap
    • Kannur, Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam have the highest number of registrations, 24,000 beneficiaries can be trained in one batch, biometric attendance is taken, everybody has passed the 40% cutoff
    • CM's remark:
      • I'm proposing a solution: every family can be given a smartphone, they can download all the apps and can be connected through Fibernet
      • it will be easier to engage the youth that way, maximum people can be connected to IVRS calls and effective communication can be done

Housing (Urban and Rural) 

  • Rural housing: 4 Lac houses have been sanctioned recently under NTR Rural Housing
  • 6 Lac houses sanctioned in the last 3 years, overall 10 Lac houses have been sanctioned
  • 90% houses have been grounded in the last 3 years
  • Year-wise district-wise status of pending houses in the last 3 years is being discussed
  • 1,20,943 (98%) houses have been sanctioned under NTR Housing Gramin
  • Overall 69,963 houses have been built at a cost of Rs. 1627.75 Cr
  • PMAY – NTR (Urban) Housing - Action Points:
    • To complete all pending houses under 2016-17 by 31.01.2019
    • To complete pending sanctions to the extent of G.O. issued under 2017-18 by 15.01.2019
    • To ground all the sanctioned houses by 15.01.2019
    • To complete all pending houses under 2017-18 by 31.03.2019
    • To initiate the sanction process immediately for 2018-2019
    • Simultaneously registration in Housing website by 15.01.2019
    • Mapping in GoI website and Geo-tagging to be Completed by 15.01.2019 to claim funds from GoI
    • To complete 1 Lac houses from Nov. 2018 to Feb. 2019 as per targets fixed
  • 96% progress under NTR Spl Hsg (Hud-Hud)
  • APTIDCO- District wise overall progress under PMAY- NTR NAGARs:
    • 3,51,711 houses have been grounded
    • District-wise achievements related to construction of G+3 houses under PMAY – NTR NAGARs being discussed
    • District-wise achievements related to construction of houses for Phase I and Phase II under PMAY –
  • Targets for Collectors:
    • Finalization of beneficiaries
    • Online mapping of beneficiaries in PMAY portal
    • Flat allotments to beneficiaries selected through District Level Selection Committee
    • Resolving land issues
    • Mutation of lands in favor of ULBs
    • Bank linkage
    • Frequent inspections and guidance to field engineers
    • Weekly coordination meeting with APTIDCO Engineers, Municipal Commissioners, Public Health Engineers, Discoms, Mines Department to solve the issues related to Water supply, Electricity, sand etc.
    • Sending DPRs for BLC houses in Urban Development Authorities
    • Sending DPRs for BLC Enhancement houses in ULBs

2:40 PM - Lunch Break

3:45 PM - Session resumes post lunch

Health and nutrition

  • AP is the first State to achieve more than 50% decline in the out of pocket expenditure for health and welfare schemes
  • Every single maternal death is being reviewed
  • MMR stands at 66.44, IMR stands at 10.51
  • Cases of severe anaemia have gone down significantly, but normal anaemia cases have reduced marginally
  • Palakarimpu (Phase-II) – Mee arogyam kosam: for 100% Immunisation of all children
    a survey to identify pneumonia, leprosy etc was conducted: this program that will go on till tomorrow has had a great impact
  • We are focussing on water-borne diseases as the summer season is approaching
  • e-sub centres are being discussed
  • Typhoid cases have seen a 5% decline
  • 92.6% success rate in TB reduction program, all the chemists and doctors are supposed to download the AP eRx App
  • Mukhya Mantri Bala Suraksha Karyakram
    • 450 Mobile Health Teams have screened
    • 8.79 Lac Children in Anganwadis and 11.65 Lakh Children in schools are screened so far.
    • Children Identified with defects are D1 are 98789, D2 are 180811, D3 are 140220 and D4 are 25286
    • According to the RTGS satisfaction survey, service-wise comparison of services from November to December
  • Hypertension and diabetes district-wise cases are compared
  • Uberization of 108 Ambulance services has been done
  • For the first time in India, maternal and childcare procedures included in private hospitals under NTR
  • Vaidya Seva: masterstroke for reducing IMR and MMR

Women Children Differently Abled, Transgender and Senior Citizens Welfare

  • Anganwadi workers shall take up regular home visits and counsel pregnant women for birth preparedness and to ensure every
  • New born is delivered with at least 2500 grams. No baby shall born low birth weight
  • So far, the department could develop around 1476 nutri-gardens across the State, during the next 3 months another 2000 nutri-gardens to be developed
  • Convergence program will be held to tackle the cases of severe malnutrition and diseases in the regions with high concentration
  • 1450 Anganwadi centres have been built, the district-wise status is being discussed

Door to door garbage collection

  • 98% to 99% has been achieved regularly
  • 99.31% is the latest figure
  • All the data from the time of collection of collector to the total garbage collected is available
  • 95 ULBs with 100% door to door garbage collection

Water supply

  • 22,69,667 (68%) house connections have been provided
  • Water quality can be monitored through RTG
  • BPL eligibility: All HH with white ration Card
  • BPL benefits: New Connection at ₹200/- only per connection

Education- GER, Mid-day Meal and Other Services:

  • Connectivity for virtual and digital classrooms will go up
  • 69000 more students have enrolled in schools this year, a small decrease in Nellore
  • Average performance under mid-day meals in all the districts
  • Furniture, drinking water and toilets in schools is being discussed
  • 6603 compound walls sanctioned under NREGS
  • Significant improvement in the usage of virtual and digital classrooms, students are focussing in subjects where there is a need for improvement
  • Self-defence and martial arts training is provided to 5,04,169 school girls in 6367 schools
  • Life skills training and career counselling is provided in 7,59,961 schools

Solid Waste Management

  • 1371 sheds need to be completed because we have to start operations by 15th Jan
  • Almost all the tricycles have been supplied
  • Soak pits progress is not satisfactory, progress is about 64,000, personal intervention of Collectors is requested
  • Swacch Sankranti activities in JBMV are being discussed
  • Janma Bhoomi Team (Mandal level team conducting Janma Bhoomi programme in Gram Panchayat) should take up transact walk and ensure the following Solid Waste Management activities in the Gram Panchayats
  • SWPC shed should be inspected and Vermi Seeding should be done in all Vermi troughs
  • All NADEP troughs should be filled with Cattle dung and wet waste
  • Creepers should be planted to creep over the roof of SWPC shed and provide a cool environment in the coming summer season
  • Ensure that Green Guard(Watch Man) is residing in the SWPC shed with family
  • Tricycles should be handed over to Green Ambassadors and initiate the process of the door to door collection of garbage and cattle dung from 250 families allotted to each Green Ambassador
  • Dustbins should be supplied to all households to @ 2 per each household
  • All streets should be inspected covered to identify garbage heaps left out if any and action to be taken for their removal and uploading in PRIS App by the Gram Panchayat Secretary

Rural roads connectivity

  • Connectivity status of habitations is being discussed
  • Maximum workload is there in Vizag, Chittoor, EG, collectors requested to look into it
  • 39,116 Km of CC roads have been laid
  • 952 habitations to be connected under state grant

Drinking Water

  • 347 drought declared mandals
  • 103 Clusters being undertaken in 17 packages under NTR Sujala
  • water grid current building status and action plan for the next 3 months discussed
  • CM's remarks:
    • Before the next collectors' conference, tricycles and dustbins distribution should be completed
    • Nellore, Krishna, Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Kurnool, Guntur, Prakasam should complete the installation of LED bulbs
    • There needs to be a serious improvement in soak pits
    • By Jan end all the soak pits have to be completed

AP Fiber Grid

  • Current connectivity status & target being discussed
  • Developing an ecosystem for attracting investments, EDB has already proposed two investors to invest in AP
  • Drones were used to inspect the damage caused by cyclone through an aerial view
  • We did a pilot project for Phethai cyclone, with drone images we identified which pole has been damaged, yellow: partially damaged, red: totally damaged, green: good condition

Preparedness for drought

  • Severe drought-prone regions have been identified
  • Measures like drinking water supply, protection of Khariff crop etc have been done
  • Request for release of funds for immediate relief has been sent to GoI


  • 90% above public satisfaction level recorded in 4 districts
  • 80% above public satisfaction level recorded in 6 districts
  • 73% above public satisfaction level recorded in 3 districts
  • Creating impact of Bhudhaar:
    • Hoardings in all MRO, RDO and Collectorates – Design is being finalised by 30th Dec. Hoardings will be erected by Jan-end.
    • Handbills
    • Advertisements newspapers papers – 6 times planned
    • SMS campaign
    • IVRS
    • RTGS calls
    • Training to field staff & meeseva operators -District Resource Team- completed – will train one SPoC in each MRO office and all meeseva operators in the State
  •  Bhudhaar may be considered as optional proof for:
    • Land and property registrations
    • Assessments in rural and urban areas
    • Conversion of land – NALA
    • Applications for mutations

Conference concluded: 9:28 PM
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