AP govt initiates Crowd Sourcing app
AP govt initiates Crowd Sourcing app

AP govt initiates Crowd Sourcing app

AP govt initiates Crowd Sourcing app

Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018
Cyclone Titli has caused significant damage to roads and housing infrastructure in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts, proving to be most disastrous to the farming sector leaving standing crops seriously damaged.

As per the preliminary estimates of the government, 18 mandals of the Srikakulam district have been affected by the cyclone. Over 12 Lac people in 872 villages have been affected. The Chief Minister sought the Centre's assistance worth Rs. 1,200 Cr as interim relief, to tide over the calamity caused by the cyclone. The State government has tentatively estimated the damage to be worth Rs 2,800 Cr. The relief measures are fast underway.

Through RTGS, the Chief Minister had monitored the damaged caused initiating the mitigating measures on a real-time basis. Taking a step further to hasten the relief measures, RTGS has designed the People First - “Crowd Sourcing” application for better and quick identification of cyclone-affected areas.

What is People’s First - “Crowd Sourcing”?

People First is a grievance redressal and information – communication platform launched by the government of AP as part of its e-governance initiative as a two-way communications channel between the government and the citizens. People First, a mobile application that will "empower citizens with real-time governance is currently available only on Android-based mobile phones. It enables citizens to access their profile, various benefits accrued to them from the government and also register their grievances.

People First - “Crowd Sourcing” is a feature specially designed for identification of Cyclone Titli affected regions for damage estimation and redressal. On Crowd Sourcing, people themselves can take a photo of the asset or location of that has been affected by Cyclone Titli, geo-tag the photo on the application. For geo-tagging, Global Positioning System (GPS) must be active. Once the user takes the photo of a person, crop or asset on “Crowd Sourcing” application, with the GPS and internet connectivity – the photo gets automatically geo-tagged tracing itself to real cyclone affected location.

Photos of fallen houses, dead cattle or damaged crop or damage of any other sort can directly be sent to the government sources through this application. The classification of damage/loss is clearly given in the app. These crowdsourced photos will be organized and indexed on the cloud. The visuals and geotagging will understand the gravity of the damage caused more accurately. The mobile-based application is expected to facilitate access to interior locations of the cyclone-affected region and help government sources initiate immediate action measures.

The Government urges people in the cyclone-affected region to make good use of the application and directly reach the officials and help the swift restoration of the region to the normalcy.

How to get the application?

The users can also download the application by clicking on the link below:
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