57th Review Meeting on Polavaram Irrigation Project
57th Review Meeting on Polavaram Irrigation Project

57th Review Meeting on Polavaram Irrigation Project

'పోలవరం బకాయిలపై లేఖలు రాయండి'

Monday, Apr 16, 2018
The Polavaram Irrigation Project has progressed upto 52.2%, officials reported to the Chief Minister during the 57th review of the project. This includes the Head, Right Main Canal and Left Main Canal works. Most progress was observed in the construction of the Diaphragm Wall. Out of a total 1,427m, this week, saw the completion of 42m which leaves 251.4m remaining.

71.3% of the excavation for the spillway and spill channel has been completed, i.e., 795.39 lakh cubic metres out of 1,115.59 lakh cubic metres. Overall, 2.29 lakh cubic metres of earthwork was excavated for the spill channel, pilot channel, spillway, left bank and approach channel. This week, 29,000 cubic metres of earthwork was also excavated. 31.36% of the concreting for the spillway and the stilling basin is completed, accounting for 5.14 lakh cubic metres out of 16.39 lakh cubic metres. This week was the first time that concreting for spillway crossed the milestone of 5,000 cubic metres, as mentioned by Secretary, Mr Shashi Bhushan. Overall, 28,000 cubic metres of concrete was laid this week. Other main components of the dam that have shown consistent progress are the Fabrication of Radial Gates (58%), Jet Grouting for the downstream Coffer dam (78%) and upstream Coffer dam (49.6%).

The Chief Minister instructed the officials to send letters to Union Minister of Water Resources Nitin Gadkari and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, requesting for faster disburse of funds for the Polavaram project. For ongoing Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) projects, officials explained that the funds will help in achieving the targets. Out of the 45 proposed colonies for 16,687 houses, work has started on 38 of them and it is yet to begin in 7 colonies. Officials also reported that 15 colonies, for Rehabilitation and Resettlement of 3,348 displaced families, have been constructed in East and West Godavari.

Among the 53 priority projects, Pulakurthy Lift Irrigation Scheme and the Adavipalli Reservoir, which is a part of the HNSS Phase 2, will be completed by April 30. The main civil works of the Nellore and Sangam Barrages are expected to be completed by May 31.
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