Polavaram project to be completed by Dec 2019
Polavaram project to be completed by Dec 2019

Polavaram project to be completed by Dec 2019

దేశం మొత్తం పోలవరం వైపే చూస్తోంది

Monday, Jun 11, 2018
The Polavaram project, which is one of the significant projects of Andhra Pradesh achieved a milestone after Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu inaugurated the diaphragm wall pylon, at the Polavaram irrigation project in West Godavari district.

"This is the biggest diaphragm wall in India. This is the lifeline of Andhra Pradesh. I am dedicating this project to the nation," he said.

Polavaram project, which is now 55.12% percent complete will help irrigate over 7.2 lakh acres. The project will benefit all 13 districts of Andra Pradesh in more than one ways, directly or indirectly.

The diaphragm wall forms the foundation for 150 feet high Earth-cum-Rock-Fill (ECRF) dam, which will store 194 tmc of water. The wall is constructed below ECRF and prevents leakage of water from the bottom of ECRF through sand pores. The construction of the diaphragm wall had started on 1st February last year and has since been completed successfully in 414 working days.

Made with the help of latest German technology, the diaphragm wall is constructed using a special clay construction material called 'bentonite' which makes it absolutely waterproof. This will make the project's construction hassle-free even during the flood season, by preventing any leakages or breaches.

Over 2500 workers and 500 engineers have worked on mission mode towards the completion of the diaphragm wall. For the timely completion of the wall, CM had also conducted 25 physical inspections and 63 virtual inspections.
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