56th Polavaram Review Meeting
56th Polavaram Review Meeting

56th Polavaram Review Meeting

పోలవరంపై నిఘా నేత్రం

Monday, Apr 09, 2018
During the 56th Polavaram review held in the Secretariat, the Chief Minister instructed officials to ensure immediate installation of surveillance cameras in the dam site. 10 cameras will be installed in different areas of the dam site for observation and data analytics purposes and for the use of Police department.

He also instructed agencies and officials of PIP to complete diaphragm wall and jet grouting by June, and well prepare for the next season.

As per revised estimates, the Polavaram Irrigation Project has reached an overall progress of 52.1%, officials reported to the Chief Minister. This includes the head works, the Right Main Canal and the Left Main Canal.

71.1% of the excavation work for the spillway and spill channel has been completed, i.e., 793.1 lakh cubic metres out of 1,115.59 lakh cubic metres. 29.65% of the concreting for the spillway and the stilling basin is completed, accounting for 4.86 lakh cubic metres out of 16.39 lakh cubic metres, excluding 1.65 lakh cubic metres of crevices filling.

This week, 1.26 lakh cubic metre of earthwork was excavated and 17,000 cubic metres of concrete was laid for the spillway and stilling basin. 18.8 metres of the diaphragm wall was also completed this week.

Overall, 89.1% of the Right Main Canal and 58.3% of the Left Main Canal has been completed. Other main components of the dam that have shown consistent progress are the diaphragm wall (79.4%), radial gates (58%) and the jet grouting for the Coffer dam (78%), respectively.
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