91% of State highways are Pot-Hole Free (PHF)
91% of State highways are Pot-Hole Free (PHF)

91% of State highways are Pot-Hole Free (PHF)

రహదారులపై గుంతలు కనపడకూడదు

Thursday, Jul 05, 2018
Kanaka Durga Flyover:

70% of the work has been completed successfully. CM instructed the R&B dept to write an official letter requesting GOI to extend the deadline of completion of the construction. “This is a long cherished dream. If you can complete this project by Sankranti it could create good festive mood among the people. If not we have to launch it on Jan 26th,” said CM.

29% of the piles were reported to be completed so far, along with VUP & PUP. 87% of pier and pier cap have also been completed. 88% of casting of spines, 75% of casting of wings, 65% of erection of spines, 41% of erection of wings, and 29% of 4-lane BC work has been completed. 1,600 cubic meters of concrete has been laid in last month.

The Chief Minister asked officials to prepare an action plan every month and monitor weekly. “Every Monday, I will review the progress,” he said.

Road Network:

Rural roads construction target for this year has been fixed as 1,450 km and State highways target has been fixed as 15,000 km.

State Highways:

3,729 km of single lane roads with traffic intensity more than 2,000 PCU will be widened to 2 lane roads. Widening of the other 568 km of single lane roads and reconstruction of 6 critical bridges in the State has been prioritised. Officials informed the Chief Minister that the required budget is Rs. 867 Cr.

The estimated expenditure for the year 2018-19 is Rs. 600 Cr and for spill over works which is sanctioned already is Rs. 600 Cr. The total required budget is Rs. 1,200 Cr. The total length of State highways is 13,604 km and the net length of roads to be maintained is 11,454 km. 91% of the State highways are Pot-Hole Free (PHF).

CM instructed the officials to make sure that all the measures are taken to achieve the status of 100% PHF State highways by 31st July this year. He instructed RMS (Road Management System) to do survey using smart phones and inspect the condition of roads.


Connectivity from Gram Panchayats to Mandal Head quarters, Mandal HQs to District HQs, and Mandal to Mandal HQs has to be provided. 2,945 km of MDRs with single lane configuration and traffic intensity more than 2,000 PCUs will be widened into two lane roads.

CM instructed the officials to ensure that continuous monitoring of State highways and MDRs is done with the help of surveillance cameras. “This will help in reducing the number of road accidents in the State,” he said. 89.6% of the MDR are reported to be PHF. CM instructed the officials to ensure that by 15th August, 100% PHF status is achieved.

“After Independence Day, strict action will be taken if a single pot hole on the roads is found. Please complete the remaining works keeping this in mind,” said the Chief Minister.

National Highways:

Total length of the national highways is 6,401 km. The State govt. has declared the goal of making all national highways in AP at least 2 lane wide with ROBs at all level crossings.

The Chief Minister instructed the officials to make sure that the development works are completed at a rapid pace. He also said that he will review the road work progress regularly, on a monthly basis.
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