State Council for Development of SCs & STs
State Council for Development of SCs & STs

State Council for Development of SCs & STs

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Friday, Mar 23, 2018
The Chief Minister held the 5th Meeting of the State SC / ST Development Council at his office in the Secretariat. He told the officials that spending Rs 1,000 crore for the welfare of the people is not only important but also the best results. He said that all branches of the department should be based on the happiness index of the people. He also instructed that the government schemes should be implemented in all the dalit wards and trubal areas and the officials should discuss more on this aspect. He also said that the government is trying to increase the per capita income of SCs and STs. He also instructed the official to not to compromise in the process of taking funds from central government.

Officials informed the Chief Minister that Rs. 9,847.13 crore was allocated in the budget for SC sub-plan for 2017-18 financial year and so far Rs. Rs 8,995.34 crore was utilized. Similarly, Rs. 3,528.75 crore has been allocated for ST sub-plan and so far Rs. 3009.64 crore has been spent. Last year, at the State SC / ST Development Council, the utilization of funds for SC sub-plan had taken 58 decisions for 11 departments, 30 of which were implemented and another 19 decisions are yet to be implemented. Out of the 9 departments of the ST sub-plan, 32 decisions were made and 20 decisions are implemented and another 11 decisions are in progress.
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