AP Govt. Prioritises Public Health & Welfare
AP Govt. Prioritises Public Health & Welfare

AP Govt. Prioritises Public Health & Welfare

AP Govt. Prioritises Public Health & Welfare

Wednesday, Jun 06, 2018
Public health action plan for 2018-19
  • To prevent and reduce stunting among children (0-6 years) by 6% at the rate of 2% per annum
  • To prevent and reduce undernutrition among children (0-6 years) by 6% at the rate of 2% per annum
  • To reduce the prevalence of anaemia among children (0-6 years) by 9% at the rate of 3% per annum
  • To reduce the prevalence of anaemia among women and adolescent girls in the age group of 15-49 years by 9% at the rate of 3% per annum.
  • To reduce low birth weight by 6% at the rate of 2% per annum

Under Supplementary Nutrition Programme, each year an average of 4.6 lakhs malnourished children are identified and enrolled. One full meal is provided to 6.11 lakh pregnant and lactating women in the State along with administration of calcium, iron and folic acid (IFA) tablets under Anna Amrutha Hastham, for which govt. allocated Rs. 194.78 CR this year.

27.40 lakh children are being given special care and supervisory feeding under Gorumuddalu Programme. All the 7 months to 6 years children in the 24 Tribal ICDS projects are being given special care & supervisory feeding irrespective of their nutritional status under Giri Gorumuddalu.

Education and Empowerment

In the education front, during the last 4 years, Rs 5,983.91 CR was allocated for education and related schemes benefiting over 30 lakh SC Students. For providing sustainable livelihood, Rs 7,684.54 CR is sanctioned by the SC Corporation to 6.56 lakh beneficiaries. An amount of Rs. 2060.53 CR was incurred towards post-matric scholarships benefiting 11.57 lakh students studying in IX to X classes for the last four years.

The AP govt. incurred Rs.9183 CR during the last 4 years for Scheduled Tribe Component Plan. All the pre-matric ST Hostels are converted to Residential Schools and 14 Eklavya Model Residential Schools have been started functioning. Loans are sanctioned to 3,47,819 beneficiaries for providing sustainable livelihoods.

The new schemes of NTR Videsi Vidyadarana & NTR Unnatha Vidyadarana are launched for BC students. An amount of Rs. 148.22 CR was allocated for the last 2 years benefiting 1040 students. Re-introduction of the Adarana-2, is providing financial assistance with 70% subsidy component for procurement of model tools and gadgets.

To support the girl child and women, and to promote compulsory marriage registration, Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka, a Single Desk for all marriage-related incentive schemes, is being implemented from 2018-19. Under this program,
  • An amount of Rs. 100 CR has been allocated for SC community
  • Rs.17.46 CR was sanctioned for 3493 ST brides as a part of Giriputrika Kalyana Padhakam,
  • New Scheme for the welfare of Vysyas, with a budget provision of Rs.30.00 CR
  • 10,954 brides benefited from Muslim minorities

AP is the only State in India to provide Rs. 13,500 CR every year with zero interest which accounts for 37 percent of national bank linkage amount nationwide, with 98 percent recovery. Streenidhi Cooperative Society is arranging Rs.1000 CR interest-free bank loans towards livelihoods for SHG women every year. Through Sadhikara Mitra SHG woman shall be trained to act as a bridge between the Government and 30-35 households in their neighbourhood to improve service delivery of Government schemes, and to reach the eligible beneficiaries.

Coming to the Government's initiatives towards women empowerment, under Chandranna Cheyutha (Pasupu Kumkuma) Rs. 10,000 is being given to each SHG woman with an estimated expenditure of Rs. 8600 Crores covering 86 lakh women SHG members in the State.

Public Welfare

Amid many meetings held by the CM, various important steps were taken by the government in the public interest. Rs 29,025.85 CR was allocated to the Scheduled Castes Component. Under the Perspective Plan, safe drinking water was provided to 1,005 SC habitations with an outlay of Rs 226.24 CR and 446 roads are being laid with an outlay of Rs.452.08 CR to the unconnected SC habitations with population of more than 250. Jagjeevan Jyothi (Free Power) scheme provides 75 units of power free of cost, to 12.45 lakh SC households with outlay of Rs. 137.60 CR during 2017-18.

2 additional LED bulbs are supplied free to 9.18 lakh SC families with outlay of Rs. 18.28 CR. Dr B.R. Ambedkar Smruthivanam Project with 125 feet tall statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Memorial Complex, Dhyana Mandiram, Memorial Garden, Convention centre and associated facilities is sanctioned and the work is under progress.

An amount of Rs.480 CR is allocated in 2018-19 for ensuring gainful livelihood to people of Washermen, Nayee Brahmin, Vaddera, Bhattaraja, Sagara/Uppara, Valmiki/Boya, KrishnaBalija/Poosala, Medara, Vishwabrahmin, Kummari Shalivahana & Toddy Tapper communities federations.

During the period from 2014-15 to 2017-18, an amount of Rs. 2,679.38 CR is allocated for Minorities Welfare. Loans are sanctioned to 40,111 beneficiaries by the AP State Minorities Finance Corporation & AP State Christian (Minorities) Corporation. The new scheme of honorarium for Pesh Imams & Mouzzans, and Ramzan Tohfa scheme are being implemented. Haj House is sanctioned in Kadapa & Vijayawada.

For the Christian community, the scheme of Pilgrimage to Holy Land of Jerusalem is revived & subsidy is enhanced from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 per pilgrim. The grant for Church construction is enhanced from Rs.3.00 Lakhs to Rs.5.00 Lakhs. Christian Bhavan has been sanctioned at Guntur and the new scheme of Chandranna Christmas Kanuka has benefited 1 lakh Christian families.
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