Partnership Summit'18 Roadshow
Partnership Summit'18 Roadshow

Partnership Summit'18 Roadshow

రాష్ట్రం చిన్నదనుకోవద్దు, మా లక్ష్యాలు పెద్దవి

Thursday, Feb 08, 2018
The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said, “I was the Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh for 9 years, and my work is there for everybody to see, including Cyberabad”, opening his speech in the Partnership Summit 2018 Road Show held in Dubai. He said, “While I am heading 60% of the erstwhile state, I have made sure that our government sets clear goals of being the top investment destination by 2022, the best state in India by 2029 and becoming one of the best states in the world by 2050.”

The Chief Minister said that we are leading the country in Ease of Doing Business, we have partnered with Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy to strengthen our Ease of Doing Business, and we have public service ordinance, which will ensure a responsive government. Our focus areas are clearly defined, which are Agriculture and food processing, Aerospace and Defence, Energy, IT, Life Sciences, Leather, empowering MSMEs and others. He further said that Kia, Isuzu, Hero, and Apollo tyres have already come into our state. Siemens, Gamesha, and Suzlinbetc in the energy sector have also set up their base and Foxconn has also invested in AP.

The Chief Minister said that we have been able to develop a strong industrial ecosystem, and each sector has concentrated its development in specific areas. For example, the automobile sector in Anantapur, manufacturing in Vizag, Prakasam, and Chittoor, and solar energy in Kurnool. We are following the cluster approach in every district and region. He also said that in food processing, North Andhra leads in cashew, mango, sugarcane, and coconut. Eastern and Western Andhra are leading in paddy, coconut, banana, oil, and palm. The Rayalaseema region is famous for groundnut, Papua, pomegranate, sweet orange, meat, and milk. The Southern coast of Andhra is known for sweet orange, spices, sugarcane, mango, and banana. He urged the companies who are interested in agri-processing to come to AP, promising good potential, opportunities and all required facilities.

The Chief Minister also said that we have the Visakhapatnam Chennai Industrial Corridor and the Bangalore Chennai Industrial Corridor, which run through a large part of Andhra Pradesh and we also have a strong ecosystem for Defence and Aerospace, the petroleum hub and textiles. We are rich in mineral wealth and offer opportunities for hardware production. He said, “We want to make our state a knowledge hub. So far, we have 8 institutions of excellence and over 15 universities in our state. Even B. R. Shetty will be setting up a medical university.” He further said that “The capital city Amaravati, the building of the largest Greenfield city in the country, will also offer you a large variety of opportunities. By 2050, there will be 3.5 million jobs created in Amaravati. There will be 1,600 km of cycle tracks in the city, making it more sustainable and green. The 33,000 acres of land for the city was contributed by farmers with trust in a unique experiment of land pooling.”

The Chief Minister said, “Dubai thrived in spite of heavy adverse conditions, and so will we. We have favourable factors like climate, water availability, power supply, tourist attractions and a lot of heritage. In 2017, we had 665 MoUs which are bringing in $163.6 billion worth of investments, and a potential to create 5.5 lakh jobs. We have efficient systems of governance in place, including RTG, Parishkara Vedika and more.” He said, “We will take the responsibility of handholding and accelerating your investment process in our state. I invite you all to the Partnership Summit held on 24, 25 and 26 February, to come and make AP your investment destination.”

He addressed the Indian businessmen and told them to help contribute to building their Janmabhoomi. He said, “My dream is that every industrialist and business person in UAE should have at least one unit in Andhra Pradesh.”
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