Polavaram Review Meeting
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Polavaram Review Meeting
Monday, Feb 05, 2018
The Chief Minister said that from February 12 to June 7 this year, a state-wide awareness programme will be conducted on water conservation, called Jala Samrakshana Udyama Spoorthi. This programme will be held for the second time and will include the inauguration of some priority projects as well as the dissemination of knowledge about conservation.

The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu asked officials to analyze last year’s outcomes of the programme and ensure that the citizens benefit out of it this time. Officials updated the Chief Minister regarding the status of the Polavaram and other priority projects.

Officials reported to the Chief Minister during the 50th review of PIP, held in the Secretariat. The Polavaram Irrigation Project has reached an overall progress of 53%, this includes the headworks, the Right Main Canal, and the Left Main Canal. The total expenditure incurred up to December 31, 2017, is ₹12,915 crore. 71% of the excavation for the spillway and spill channel has been completed, i.e., 750 lakh cubic metres out of 1,055 lakh cubic metres. 30.3% of the concreting for the spillway and the stilling basin is completed, accounting for 4.97 lakh cubic metres out of 16.39 lakh cubic metres.

Overall, 39% of the head works have been completed. Other main components of the dam that have shown consistent progress are the diaphragm wall (66%), radial gates (58%) and the jet grouting for the Cofferdam (78%). The right main canal has shown good progress with 91% completion, and 60% of the left main canal has been completed. This week, 0.82 lakh cubic metre of earthwork was excavated, and 5,314 cubic metres of concrete was laid for the spillway and stilling basin. 18.8 metres of the diaphragm wall was also completed this week.

The Pogonda Reservoir in West Godavari, the Pedapalem Lift Irrigation Scheme, the Chinasana Lift Irrigation Scheme, the Owk Tunnel, Gorakallu Balancing Reservoir and the Pulikanuma Lift Irrigation Scheme are complete and ready for inauguration.

At the end of this month, the Marala Reservoir, the Cherlopally Reservoir, the Madakasira Branch Canal, the Kandula Obul Reddy Gundlakamma Reservoir and the Pulakurthy Lift Irrigation Scheme will be ready for inauguration.

The main civil works of the Nellore Barrage and the Sangam Barrage, the SH 31 road work, the Vamsadhara Project Stage 2 Phase 2, the Adavipalli Reservoir and the interlinking of Vamsadhara and Nagavalli rivers, are projects that are scheduled to be completed by March 2018.

The Chief Minister said that many of these can be inaugurated during the Jala Samrakshana Udyama Spoorthi. He was informed about the progress of the AP Water Resources Information Management System, and the geo-portal that is created to record the status of surface water, ground water, conservation systems, supply systems like rain guns and MI tanks and more geography-specific information on a real-time basis. Officials reported that last year, the ground water table had decreased, from 12.11 m to 14.79 m. This year, the forecast expects an increase from 14.79 m to 12.91 m.

The Chief Minister suggested that these measurements should also include a way to measure the quality of water. He said that from next time in these meetings, officials from the forest and horticulture departments, MI tanks implementation teams and NREGA should also be present. He instructed them to present the water audits of villages on a monthly basis, along with the presentations of the health profiles, village infrastructure, and other reports.
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