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Surya Aaradhana
Sunday, Jan 28, 2018
The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday launched 'Surya Aaradhana' (Sun worship) programme at Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium in Vijayawada to promote solar energy and reduce pollution. He said, "This is for the first time in history that a government has started a program for worshiping the nature. The sun is worshiped in different religions. In order to reduce pollution, Andhra Pradesh is promoting solar energy and with it, power can be generated at house top, farm field or any other place. This sun worship should be celebrated like the Republic Day celebrations".

He said that the importance of the sun is not confined to any single place, country or religion and, therefore the state government has named the state as** Sunrise state, “The Sun is the ambassador of Andhra Pradesh” **and added "There are so many benefits from the sun and nature. If one saves the nature, it will save them. Many scientists have proved health aspects of sun rays and moreover, solar energy is highly useful for generating power, ". He also said that his government was able to harness 5,000 MW of solar and wind energy in the last three-and-a-half years and planned to take it up further on a massive scale.

The Chief Minister recited few lines from holy books of various religions and said that every religion worships the Sun. “While the Bible says that Christ is the morning light and rising Sun, Muslims are told to worship Allah who created the Sun and the Moon in the Quran. Even in Arab, they show their reverence to ‘Shams’ (the Sun). The Sun doesn’t belong to a religion, place or caste. Everybody, irrespective of their faith, should participate in the programme.

He explained that his government introduced many initiatives to respect nature. “Right from Neeru-Chettu to Jalasiri, Vanam-Manam and to Eruvaka, Krishna and Godavari Pushkarams. He said, “we are using every opportunity to respect nature. I have decided to take up these so as to inspire you. All of you should spend at least 10 minutes in the Sun every morning to tap the benefits”. He further said that the Sun does equal justice to everyone without discrimination and expecting anything in return. Sun is a big attraction not only spiritually but also scientifically. Sunlight gives us Vitamin D. Sun is our centre of energy. we can produce power and reduce pollution
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