Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh | President,Telugu Desam Party | Member of Legislative Assembly, Kuppam.

Born on April 20, 1950
The Story of NCBN’s Childhood
20 April 1950

‬ Son of Nara Karjoora Naidu and Ammannama, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu was born on 20 April 1950 in the village of Naravaripalli, eight km from Chandragiri in Chittoor district. His was among the many displaced families that migrated away from Kondaveedu area in Guntur. Naidu is the eldest among his three siblings, a brother and two sisters. His father, a respected farmer in Naravaripalli, made it his primary goal to educate Naidu and his siblings Ramamurthy and help them achieve a respectable life.

NCBN’s College Days

Since his village had no school, Naidu completed his primary schooling in Seshapuram where he studied till class five before moving to Chandragiri Government High School until class nine. Post schooling, Naidu moved to Tirupati for higher education. He enrolled in Sri Venkateswara University College of Arts to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Arts, obtaining his degree in 1972. He further obtained a MA Degree in Economics from the University, graduating in 1974. It was during this time that his inclination towards politics began taking shape for which he left his PhD study on the economic ideas of N.G. Ranga under D.L. Narayana before completion.

Naidu Wins the Legislative Elections

After entering into the political arena of India in the late 1970s, Chandra Babu Naidu became a confidant of Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi’s eldest son. He then contested his first assembly election in 1978 and became the youngest assembly member.  Being a part of INC, he was the youngest minister in the cabinet as he was just 28 years old. He benefited a lot in this period of his life as he was appointed the technical education and cinematography minister.

Naidu’s Marriage to NTR’s Daughter
10th September 1981

After being elected as the technical education and cinematography minister in T .Anjaiah's government, Naidu came in contact with N.T. Rama Rao, a popular Telugu film-star and politician in 1980. NTR is also the founder of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) who served as the chief minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh for three terms. He married Bhuvaneswari, NTR’s third daughter on 10th September 1981. Their son Nara Lokesh was born on 23rd January 1983.‬

Naidu joins TDP
August 1984

Naidu remained in the Congress till 1983. Post Congress’ loss in the 1983 assembly elections, Naidu left the party to join the Telugu Desam Party in August 1984. He gained then Chief Minister, his father-in-law NTR’s confidence after aiding him to thwart Congress’ attempt to oust him from his position as Chief Minister. Naidu did not hold any portfolio in the part from 1984-1989. He then moved on to serve as a party coordinator for TDP from 1989-1994. His contribution was significant in the party’s victory during the 1995 assembly election.

First Assembly Election

‬Naidu served as a close confidante of NT Rama Rao within the Telugu Desam Party from 1983-1989. Post completion of his term, the 1989 assembly elections were a first for Naidu as a member of the TDP. He contested from Kuppam and won by 5000 votes. However, TDP lost the assembly elections as the Indian National Congress came back to power by winning the overall assembly elections. Naidu tactfully fulfilled his role as the main opposition in power which was met with wide-spread appreciation from TDP as well as the common public.

First time as Chief Minister
September 1, 1995

‬Chandrababu Naidu was sworn in as the 13th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 1st September’1995. He dedicated his power which later yielded to the winning of TDP in 1999 polls. His efforts were widely recognized by national and international media. He preferred to be known as the chief executive rather than chief minister of the state. Being a tech-friendly CM, he worked really hard to make Hyderabad an IT hub. His tenure for this term ended in October’1999.

Second Consecutive Term as Chief Minister
October 11,1999

‬In the next term, his glorious victory won 185 out of 294 seats in 11th October’1999. He introduced various new market reforms and continued to improvise the growth of IT sector. Mr. Naidu also came out with his Vision-2020 policy document. It was a documentation of reforms and policies for the state development in many fields like Tourism, IT bio-tech and so on. But at the end of the tenure contesting for the third time, TDP lost the elections and Chandra Babu Naidu stepped down as the CM of Andhra Pradesh.

Longest Reigning Opposition Party Leader

TDP was defeated in the 2004 assembly elections due to several reasons like the 2002 Gujarat riots, drought in the state and various political propagandas and theories against the party. After losing the elections TDP under the leadership of Chandra Babu Naidu became an active Opposition Party. As a Leader of the Opposition Party, Mr. Naidu performed a historical Padyathra in the entire AP state under a program called, “Vastunna Meekosam”. Apart from this, he met people and assured them that his vision of welfare and development of the state is still essential to him. Gradually he gained the confidence of the supporters and once again his party came into action.

Third Tenure as Chief Minister
June 8 , 2014

After accepting the 2004 defeat, the Telugu Desam Party came into power and won 102 seats out of 175 thus bringing Naidu back to the seat of CM. He took his oath on 8th June ’2014 at Mangalgiri in the grounds of Acharya Nagarjuna University near Guntur. Recently on 8th May’2017 in California, US-India Business Council (USIBC) recognized Mr. Naidu’s hard work that he has put in to transform AP and awarded him with USIBC Transformative Chief Minister.